Bayside Place HAKATA is the entrance of the sea of the town of Hakata.
It is prosperous in trade from old days.
Bayside Place HAKATA has various shops and restaurants,
hot spring facilities and is the tourist attraction where an event is performed flourishingly.
There are many visitors from the foreign countries, too.
The shopping in the duty-free shop in particular and the sightseeing of the port tower are popular.

I introduce the shop which can purchase the market which fresh ingredients have abundant, a traditional industrial art object, the souvenir of the trip.

I introduce Japanese food to cook with local ingredients and the shop which can eat happily.

You can buy a Japanese product cheaply. Because it is an exemption from taxation.
There are an abundant health food, cosmetics, an electric appliance.

The port tower which is a symbol of the Hakata Port.The road train which runs on the seaside.The water bus which can enjoy cityscape from the river.
Hot spring facilities.Game facilities for children.
I introduce these.

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